Frequently Asked Questions Educational Activities

Yes, you can reserve special lunches or dinners for celebrations: weddings, communions, anniversaries, birthdays, surprise parties for friends, etc. There are several menus to choose from, and of course, with waiters and everything you need for a celebratory lunch or dinner. There is also the possibility of hiring monitors to do activities with the boys and girls.

All homemade and abundant food, all cooked in our hostel. At the center of the table are chips and peanuts for snacks, two starters and a special salad. The main dish of chicken and vegetable paella. To finish a special dessert.

The children have a starter, the plate of paella and ice cream. Includes drink, bread and for adults coffee, sweets and mistela.

In addition, if it is a Sunday that we have family activity, it is included free.

The ACTIO camp is for boys and girls from 8 to 12 years old. We do it the week of Easter, the last week of June that there is no school anymore, and in July.

In addition, in July we offer other camps, both in our hostel and in other hostels. This is the case of the Greepeace Camp, whose age lasts up to 17 years, and every summer it takes place in a different community in the Spanish state.

Frequently asked questions about celebrations

Our environment for this type of family celebrations  it is somewhat alternative and informal, with spaces  for outdoor celebrations and an unsophisticated or artificial treatment of the event. Although everything is very careful and with a rural, natural and sustainable style and aesthetic.

We prepare the menus at the level of any restaurant, and although the hostel normally operates self-service and people set the table, in these cases it is served, the table is collected, etc.

For these celebrations we have prepared careful banquet menus, served by waiters, and with tablecloths, glassware, sprigs of natural flowers on the tables, etc. being very flexible to meet expectations  and demands of the people who visit us.

Many family celebrations involve people from various backgrounds coming together and lending themselves to extend the event over the weekend with people who want and can stay. In the afternoon with a gathering and music atmosphere, with waiters serving drinks, we prepare a mid-afternoon snack. And dinner in the evening lends itself to an outdoor barbecue, while serving an aperitif. And at night in the multipurpose room in the basement you can organize a party and dance with an open bar.

We have an animation team, with professional monitors who will delight boys and girls, with adventure activities such as zip line, Tibetan bridge and archery, or popular games and traditions, or hiking tours through very beautiful places of the surroundings, or animations, workshops, etc. Just like if you stay for the weekend, there are activities even at night, with games and adventures in the light of the moon and stars.

The hostel has an accommodation capacity of 100 beds and 130 diners in the dining room, reaching 180 if the two separate rooms are occupied. We allow you to reserve the entire hostel exclusively as long as you reach – or approach – 100 people in the dining room or 80 in accommodation. If this occupation is not reached and you want to reserve the entire hostel exclusively, you would have to pay, as a minimum, those places whether they are occupied or not.

Normally, friends or family come in advance to prepare, decorate or set the spaces where the events, snacks or meals will be held … you just have to respect and follow the rules that are provided.

First of all, you should visit our facilities and tell us about your idea and your expectations to shape it. Little by little between the 2 parts, we will work on the project that best suits what you are looking for and what you can or plan to spend.

The hostel’s normal stay and full board comes at a very reasonable price and what can go higher is the banquet and the extras such as drinks, service, party, barbecue, snacks, activities, etc., therefore, negotiating what you want and what can be done, the final budget is specified.